About Gigi

Gigi Santiago is a seasoned transformational speaker, presenter, trainer, spiritual director, certified master mindfulness practitioner and certified life coach, using an evocative approach and mindfulness techniques  for her clients seeking transformational resolution in mind, body and spirit. Gigi was raised predominately by her mother, a retired educator, and grandmother, who were women who gave of themselves wholeheartedly and tirelessly to their families and others. She saw that they were the ones who made sacrifices so that others could pursue dreams. They dimmed their lights so that others could shine.

“I realize that being happy is what I make of it. Because being happy does not always mean getting what you want, right away. It means loving what you have, being thankful for it and loving who you are, to get what you want in life.”

Gigi enjoys working with women; having four daughters and a daughter-in-law, she has made it a point to empower them and others to look at their own self-care as they care for their families and others. Through her life experience and coaching practice, Gigi has found that women give and give and give until they think they have no more to give yet somehow find the strength to give more.

For Gigi, over-extended women are brilliant stars who feel dull and dwarfed because they are stretched so thin with all the responsibilities others, society and they have placed on them(selves). She gained most of her experience working in the non-profit sector. Gigi has helped to create and implement relationship programs for the Diocese of Orlando and its churches, as well as working with individuals and groups seeking to transform their present being to the more.

As a business owner, with strong organizational skills and communication abilities, Gigi believes the success of a company can only be measured by the care given to the task. “All we do, we do to our best.”

She is the mother of five adult children, who, in her opinion, are incredible leaders in their lives and married to her college sweetheart over 35 years. Gigi has experienced the highs and lows of life seeing the shadows and brilliance in life, always aware of the blessings that surround her.

Gigi Santiago is a seasoned, dynamic public speaker, presenter, trainer, spiritual director and certified Elite Transformation Coach, who helps others fall in love with taking care of themselves as they transform into the brilliant creatures they are called to be, connecting the whole person, mind, body and spirit, so that they can live the awesome life they desire and deserve.


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