Diamonds in the making

Have you ever felt ungrateful for the life you have? Because you have the feeling that there was more to life than what you were experiencing. Even if you have the life you wanted. You go about your day thinking” what have I done to make the world better? or why am I not feeling satisfied?” You wonder if there is more to life than what you are living now. And sometimes make rash decisions to fill that void. Stubbornly thinking “this will make me happy”, but in the long run it doesn’t.

I’ve been there, had my dream job, a great boss, the creative and practical sides of my personality were being fed. Life was great!! But I didn’t feel accomplished or I had accomplished all that I was suppose to. My purpose in life wasn’t being tapped into. Something was missing. I tried a number of different avenues to fill this void. Learning experiences and various businesses yet nothing filled that void. I felt this tension, pressure that there was more. I lingered there for months, if I’m being totally honest, years even. I felt like a diamond taking shape,  knowing my brilliance had not been tapped in to and feeling the pressure of that tension of the void trying to be filled.

I was in a cold and dark place, of course I functioned in my everyday life because as you know “the show must go on!” But there was a discontentment with what I was doing with myself and the skills I knew I had. Being me, I questioned what was this all about and I found that I genuinely enjoyed helping people, it didn’t matter how. I just liked people and hearing their stories, their dreams, their wants and desires. And I wanted to help them achieve those dreams. I could see a brilliance to them as they were navigating those dark areas of their own lives that they didn’t see.

That is when I became aware that I wanted to help folks who as myself were seeking  the more, clarity in purpose. I wanted to help people see their brilliance and discover their multifaceted selves shining on the world. Then reality kicked in and I questioned, “How do I do this?”

The joke was on me, I’d been doing it for years just not realizing it. I have always been the one who people will ask advice from, or my opinion. People know that  I will always been honest, sometimes brutally (my poor friends, lol). I started to investigate to see if there was an official name to this and I found transformational life coaching.  Being an inquisitive person with a strong clinical, goal reaching personality, I began to investigate to see what it’s all about and I found a way to do what I love helping people seek clarity to find their diamond in the making so that their brilliance will shine forth.

Welcome to where we will walk together to bring your brilliance out in a holistic and creative way.

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Author: gsantiago

I am a transformation coach helping over-extended women fall in love with taking care of themselves, so they can live the lives they desire and deserve!

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