You will not be happy until what?

Have you ever felt that something is holding you back from true happiness? That when the perfect moment comes you will be happiness. Yet that perfect moment never shows up, because you are overwhelmed by all that you have to do.
Are you feeling lost, exhausted, overwhelmed, overburdened with life and all the things you must do to be at peace. The tasks never end, you continue to float through life, going from one thing to another.
Do you ever feel that your life’s purpose has passed you by? Have you ever felt that there is more to life and someday you will get a chance to find out what it is? I read recently that for women, the new normal is feeling overwhelmed. “In a recent survey conducted by author and blogger Kelly Exeter for her new book Practical Perfection, 52 per cent of people reported feeling overwhelmed.” see article

It does not have to be that way. With time and direction, you can find that your life is where you what it to be.
But when will you make that happen? Your heart may be saying yesterday but your mind is saying tomorrow because I need to finish this one little things. WELL THE TIME IS NOW! If you are ready to take your life to the next level. I’m here for you. I’m waiting for you to take the first step on the path of fulfillment. 

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Author: gsantiago

I am a transformation coach helping over-extended women fall in love with taking care of themselves, so they can live the lives they desire and deserve!

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