I have found that women give of themselves tirelessly. They often are the ones to sacrifice for the others in their lives. They give and give and give until they think they have no more and they are able to find the strength to give more. Over-extended women are brilliant stars who feel dull and dwarfed.  I love talking to others, cheering them on, helping them see themselves in a different light. I love hearing people’s stories, their dreams, where and why they want to be. Having four daughters, I love helping women.

I’m an introvert who loves to give presentations and train other. My creativity comes out in the form of making training materials, presentations, retreats and helping other see the beauty in themselves and have help them achieve unmet dreams.

I realize that being happy is what I make of it. Because being happy doesn’t always mean getting what you want, right away. It means loving what you have, being thankful for it and loving who you are in order to get what you want.

Being the mother of five adult children, who are incredible leaders in their lives and married to my college sweetheart over 30 years, I have experienced the highs and lows of life yet I see the brilliance in which I am blessed.

As a seasoned public speaker, presenter, trainer, spiritual director and certified Elite Transformation Coach, I help others love to take care of themselves as to transform into the brilliant creatures they are called to be, connecting the whole person, mind, body and spirit, so that they can live the life they desire.
To schedule a 30 minute complimentary exploratory session to transformation coaching.

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