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You will not be happy until what?

Have you ever felt that something is holding you back from true happiness? That when the perfect moment comes you will be happiness. Yet that perfect moment never shows up, because you are overwhelmed by all that you have to do.


Feeling overwhelmed and pulled in many directions?

Life is filled with many diversions, directions, and distractions. We live on the go all the time. Have you felt exhausted, stressed, just plain pooped? Are you being tugged in so many ways you are feeling ragged? Not taking time for yourself can lead to feelings of extreme fatigue, foggy brain, emptiness, drained, unproductive, undervalued,… Continue reading Feeling overwhelmed and pulled in many directions?


Diamonds in the making

Have you ever felt ungrateful for the life you have? Because you have the feeling that there was more to life than what you were experiencing. Even if you have the life you wanted. You go about your day thinking" what have I done to make the world better? or why am I not feeling… Continue reading Diamonds in the making