5 weeks to Mindful Success!

Beginning on the week of September 2nd, through October 2nd, BUSTING OUT OF MY RUT: 5 weeks to Mindful Success.

Here is my video where I share my reason in creating this class. https://youtu.be/hCpLLlt_mNg

Hi folks. I know exactly how you feel, having run on the hamster wheel too. BUSTING OUT OF MY RUT: 5 WEEKS TO MINDFUL SUCCESS includes techniques that I have incorporated in my life and they have helped me to improve how I live it.

Here is a little about myself. For over 20 years, I have been on a path of living an intention or a mindful life; in these last 6 years, I have invested THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to learn these skills, and have honed these skills help me be more intentional, mindful in my day to day practices.  I created a 5-week course using mindfulness techniques that will help you identify what is holding you back from achieving the success you want in life.

I was like you. I used to be someone who walked through life reacting to events. Sometimes even blaming others for my disappointments. In 2013, I living my best life. I had my dream job, eventhough working hard, on many weekends, loving it. I was allowed to be creative on a topic I thought I was an expert on RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE. But I realized that I felt invisible, you see I was giving, giving, giving and did not feel valued. Plus, I began to isolate myself more and more from family and friends which contributed to the feeling of being invisible. There was a quiet discontentment going on inside me. I wasn’t happy. I knew I should have been but I found that I wasn’t. I was not communicating well within all my relationships. I could see especially, my husband did not know what to do as I closed myself up more and more.  

Being the person who many (family, friends, employers, etc…) counted on to always perform and finish tasks, plus being part of the “COUPLE who had it all” on the outside and didn’t, I felt hypocritical, unfulfilled and exhausted. I knew I had to learn to set healthy boundaries and say no to certain projects that did not feed my soul.

Have you found that there is an expectation on you to always be available to others? Do you find that you are so busy helping friends and family, you forget about taking care of yourself? Is everyone’s needs more important than yours and you always put yourself last?

It’s time to stop running on that hamster wheel and break out of your rut! Creating the future that you crave within 5 short weeks. Are you ready to take the leap? Ready to invest in yourself to achieve life satisfaction you want? Press the link to get started.

UPDATED: Beginning on the week of September 2nd through October 2nd, BUSTING OUT OF MY RUT: 5 weeks to Mindful Success (valued at $97.00).

Together, we will look at patterns of thoughts which limit our success, create goals to achieve success, set healthy boundaries that create success, and take action to attain success. The course has a workbook to help you create the success you want. AND in addition to the class and workbook:

  1. Everyone who signs up will be placed in an exclusive private Facebook community where the recorded sessions will be available to all to review when needed; this PRIVATE group is a place where we will encourage each other, post questions, concerns and more importantly achievements, so we can encourage continued success.
  2. Everyone who joins this class will receive two FREE “one on one session call” with me to further strategize their intentions for success, (valued at $360.00). Calls will be recorded and sent to you for further review, as you attain your success.

Total value for all you recieve in this this course plus 2 calls is $457.00

BUT ALL YOU PAY TODAY IS $57.00, a savings of $400!!

It’s time to step out of your hamster wheel existence, invested in yourself and begin to create the success you have wanted, living the life you desire and deserve. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO CREATE YOUR MINDFUL SUCCESS.

Busting out of My Rut: 5weeks to Mindful Success

Are you someone who is always available to others? Helping friends and family yet forgetting about yourself? Do you always put yourself last and find that you feel down about your life? Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel with everyday being the same and you don’t know how to break out of your rut? It time to get off it and create your SUCCESS!