Practice what you preach

As a coach of intentional or mindful self-care, I found myself having to practice what I preach by taking time for my self-care. For years, I put myself on the back burner because having five children, their needs always came first. How many of you can relate? You put everyone else’s needs first and every once in awhile, you may guiltly do some “retail therapy” or get a mani-pedi.

I have had back issues since my teens (I fell through a ceiling onto tile searching for a volley ball), nothing serious (I thought) but I’d get twinges and aches in my lower back, and I carry my stress in my shoulders. So I figured any aches and pains were due to stress and (cough cough) age.

I went to a women’s wellness event at Seminole Wellness Integrated Medicine. They offered posture checks which of course I took advantage of. To my surprise, the image showed I was misaligned in my stance even though I stood as straight as I could for the posture check. Wouldn’t you? I agreed to a follow up, where they did x-rays and explained the importance of spine health. I love anything that helps me understand something more. Dr. Bocco found that my spine, in my neck and lower back areas, were not functioning correctly, and were twisted, causing my hips to not be aligned. The doctor was stumped because according to him, I should have been in a lot of pain, which I did not have. We discussed a treatment plan, again Dr. Bocco like his staff, helped to educate me, which I really appreciated. When he explained the treatment, it made sense to me. We decided on a 3-month plan of alignment and exercises to build my core and get the curve back in my upper spine and to stop the twisting in my lower spine. I would have homework to help with getting my spine not only in alignment but also healthy so that other parts of my body system would be as well. The reason his plan of treatment for me made so much sense is because with my clients, I too work in a 3-month increments, so that the goals are attainable and result driven. We set a goal and do exercises that help achieve success.

When we discussed the fee for the treatment, for the first time in forever, I did not balk at the cost. I did not have to think about it, I simply said yes, knowing this investment for my health would affect so much more than just my spine.

You see my whys for taking care of myself are varied. I need to be an example to my clients. I want to be healthy so that when my grandbabies are born, I am well enough to play with them as they grow. Expanding my coaching practice to include live events, I need to be able to give 100% of my energy for those who attend.

Have there been times when you have balked at investing in yourself because it wasn’t the right time? Times when you have put yourself last just because everyone is more important than you? Times when you think you can wait?

Consider taking a step back, taking a deep breath and releasing the tension you may be holding due to all of the things you have to get done. Consider as you continued to breathe deeply, what is something you have wanted to do for your self-care, hold that something, does it feel right? do you need to take time for your “self”? Is it time to invest in yourself so that you can continue to give to all the others who depend on you? Taking time for yourself does not have to cost anything but in the course of your day, it may help to center you and keep you going as you give of yourself.

ink of one simple thing you can do for yourself that will enhance your day, GO DO IT! You can thank yourself later. Let me know what you decide to do on Facebook.