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Gigi Santiago, Transformation Coach and Speaker, is a seasoned dynamic public speaker, presenter, trainer, retreat leader, spiritual director and certified elite life coach, using an evocative approach with mindfulness techniques for her clients seeking transformational resolution in mind, body and spirit. For Gigi, over-extended people are brilliant stars who feel dull and dwarfed because they are stretched so thin with all the responsibilities others, society and they have placed on them(selves). She gained most of her experience working in the non-profit sector. Gigi has helped to create and implement relationship programs for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando and its churches, as well as working with individuals and groups seeking to transform their work-life balance.

“I realize that being happy is what I make of it. Because being happy does not always mean getting what you want, right away. It means loving what you have, being thankful for it and loving who you are, to get what you want in life.”

Gigi Santiago


  • Mindful Leadership & Management
  • Employee Empowerment using Mindfulness
  • Cohesive Workspace Team
  • Mindful Success
  • Busting Out of My Rut
  • Stress-less Living
  • New Year’s Expectations: Beating the Resolution Doldrums

What people have to say about Gigi…

  •  “Gigi has inspired me to come out of my shell and to be even more authentic and become the best version of me. Today we talked more on a personal level and with her expertise in mindfulness and transformation, I learned that it’s all a process and to be able to breathe and to meditate around it … it’s great to have someone with guidance and understanding to help you move in the right direction.” Diane Guercio, Holistic Beauty Center.
  • “I would recommend coaching with Gigi to anyone who wants to find a life-work balance in their lives and feel more fulfilled and productive as a result. We all know that self-care is important but making the time for it is another matter. At least it was for me. I received a great deal of support from Gigi and that is invaluable for me.”  Mary Anne Strange, Speak to Engage
  • “When I started coaching with Gigi Santiago, I was in a dark, lonely state. I had retired as a combat veteran (3 combat tours), coming home to a spouse who had moved on while I was deployed, facing a life alone. I had tried the dating scene and nothing seemed to work. With Gigi’s coaching, I was able to gain myself back. I found the confidence I lost and stepped back to living life and not becoming another statistic as a veteran suicide.”   Jim Meadows., Retired Army

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Email: info@gigisantiagocom.com

Phone: 407-675-9876