Diane G.

I do not want a coach for life, but when you are going through transformation and changes it’s great to have someone with guidance and understanding to help you move in the right direction. What a blessing. I am sure as I transform more in other areas I will be calling on Gigi for clear guidance and mindful ideas. You should too. Read More


Mary Anne S.

“I was working so hard in my business, working an insane number of hours. Had I continued down the path I was on, I would have suffered from burnout, having lost focus on my self-care and nurturing. Working with Gigi, I found a compassionate and good listener. She uses her intuition to tune into your… Read More

Deynes O.

“Before coaching with Gigi Santiago, I doubted my intuition as a woman. I questioned myself and did not trust in my own abilities. Gigi, in her very straightforward manner, will tell you exactly what she sees. Sometimes you may not want to hear it, but she always puts it in way that is non-insulting, non-blaming;… Read More

Maria E. B.

I would recommend coaching with Gigi Santiago to anyone who wants to have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. Before I started coaching with her, I was extremely anxious, unfocused and overwhelmed. I did not know how to start organizing myself to do everything that I had to “get” done and my… Read More


“When I started coaching with Gigi Santiago, I was in a dark, lonely state. I had retired as a combat veteran (3 combat tours), coming home to a spouse who had moved on while I was deployed, facing a life alone. I had tried the dating scene and nothing seemed to work. With Gigi’s coaching,… Read More