“When I started coaching with Gigi Santiago, I was in a dark, lonely state. I had retired as a combat veteran (3 combat tours), coming home to a spouse who had moved on while I was deployed, facing a life alone. I had tried the dating scene and nothing seemed to work.

With Gigi’s coaching, I was able to gain myself back. I found the confidence I lost and stepped back to living life and not becoming another statistic as a veteran suicide.

I now am doing things I love; I am working out and have reconnected with friends. Gigi pushed me in the right direction, really listening to me, not judging me and suggesting solutions; she was there every step of the way. I would recommend Gigi if you feel lost and destined to be alone, especially my combat veteran brothers and sister, she will be there to help. You just need that voice of reason; Gigi is that voice. She will tell you how it is. Best advice and help I received period. J.M. (retired veteran) “