Mary Anne S.

“I was working so hard in my business, working an insane number of hours. Had I continued down the path I was on, I would have suffered from burnout, having lost focus on my self-care and nurturing. Working with Gigi, I found a compassionate and good listener. She uses her intuition to tune into your individual needs.

Being so busy working in my business, I found making some me-time in a busy schedule difficult but she helped me gained more focus on looking after myself and getting more energy and enthusiasm as a result.

I would recommend coaching with Gigi to women who want to find a life-work balance in their life and feel more fulfilled and productive as a result. We all know that self-care is important but making the time for it is another matter. At least it was for me. I received a great deal of support from Gigi and that is invaluable for me.” Mary Anne Strange, Speak to Engage